Our Story



In 1995, John Matthews, Founder of EyeRide Motorwear, used his 40 years of experience in the eyewear business to create a company driven to compete in every facet of the sunglass world. Built on John's enthusiasm and fueled by diversity, he quickly realized success in his numerous endeavors. However, as an avid motorcycle enthusiastthe EyeRide Motorwear division always stood out ahis most passionate venture.

John forged EyeRide from its humble beginnings to one of the most recognizable motorsports and sunglass brands in the country. Distribution quickly expanded beyond our borders to Canada, AustraliaJapanEurope, the Middle East, and beyond. And although the company today continues to grow, the focus is and always will be our valued EyeRide customers. “Glasses for riders, by riders,” is this company's way of life.

In 2017, the world lost the gift that was John Matthews. A Marine, patriot, renowned storyteller, and devoted family man, John was always quick to share his philosophy; "Success doesn’t come easy, but through hard work and determination great things can be achieved."

Today's Eyeride encapsulates the same spirit and characteristics John envisioned. We offer styles that serve both function and fashion, and provide unmatched value. In addition, with each passing year comes new opportunity to improve current products, expand selection, and offer innovative styles that take full advantage of new technology as it becomes available. The styles you want. The protection you need.


Forever dedicated in loving memory to John Gerard Matthews